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Catch up with the very latest happenings at Twelve Trees Home Care, Sheffield.

Companionship for Home Care clients

Twelve Trees homecare has been running for just over twelve months. During this time more and more clients have been asking “can you help me with companionship?” or “can you take me out?”.

can you help me with companionship?

Often within a personal budget there are monies available to help with social activities and outings, not just the essentials like shopping.  We have helped many people choose and plan what they wish to do for their companionship.

In order to fulfill this increasing demand for home care in our area we have purchased three cars specifically to help with ease of access and safety for escorted outings with our care team.

Clients have also enjoyed individual shopping trips, where they can choose a gift for a family member or friend without having to ask them to collect their own present.

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Home Care Twelve Trees in 2012

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Everyone at Twelve Trees Homecare would like to wish both our residents, homecare patients and our great team of carers a great start ot the New Year, and look forward to assisting you in making 2012 even better than last year.

Ted Celebrates his 100th Birthday at Twelve Trees

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Twelve Trees Care help Ted Celebrate

Twelve Trees were delighted to help Ted celebrate his 100th Birthday on a very sunny Saturday afternoon.

Can you believe this was only back in October this year? How the weather has changed, and not for the better!

Twelve Trees was very pleased and honored to help Ted and all his family and friends celebrate his 100th birthday , on what was a very warm and sunny afternoon in early October.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect allowing the guests to celebrate outside. The highlight of the afternoon was blowing the candles out on his cake, not quite a 100 but there were plenty of willing helpers.

Teds grand children help Ted with the birthday candles

Ted move into the home almost 3 years ago with his wife Muriel who has since passed away.  Ted has a  large family with many great grand children who regularly visit him. Teds great passion is following football & cricket on his Sky TV.

How Twelve Trees helped Cyril

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Meet Cyril and read about how we helped turn his life around.

Twelve Trees was asked to visit Cyril in November 2010 to assist with the cleaning of his flat.

Instructions came from the social work team with guidance about entering the flat, as Cyril often won’t open the door.

Simon  visited and agreed to deep clean the flat over 2 weeks with specialist equipment. He also arranged for a staff member to visit beforehand so Cyril knew who to expect in his flat. The flat needed a lot of work.  A plan was agreed with costs so all parties were clear on the scope of works.

When the cleaning team returned for the second visit, Cyril was being helped by the paramedic service with suspected heart and stomach problems. Twelve Trees persuaded Cyril to have a check up in hospital. Cyril was admitted to hospital and was kept in for tests, which were clear, but Cyril was suffering from self neglect.  Simon visited Cyril in hospital to offer further homecare services. Two days later Cyril telephoned wanting some help as he couldn’t watch TV or have a newspaper in hospital.

A few days later the hospital telephoned to say Cyril was fit to leave and wanted to us to provide the homecare service we had offered. Cyril was keen to leave the ward and due to the heavy snow it would be a while before a homecare package from the hospital could be put in place.

Twelve Trees offered to help on the condition that Cyril was showered and shaved before leaving hospital and agreed to a hot meal being delivered, personal care, shopping and continued cleaning of his flat. This was to be on a months trial. After purchasing new clothes for Cyril and shopping, Twelve Trees wrote to Cyril’s doctor and hospital to confirm the agreement and then collected Cyril from hospital.
During this time the Warden had assisted in Cyril’s flat by providing a new chair and sofa to help him feel more comfortable.

From then on a trust started to form with Cyril where the previous homecare provider shopped, and stock piled tins of soup, but Cyril’s tin opener didn’t work and they didn’t  report Cyril’s actual needs.
Cyril now takes great care with his appearance and wants to look smart for a trip to the seaside which he hopes to complete sometime this year.

This is a great example of good care. Somebody who had been self neglecting, now taking pride in his appearance and looking forward to a number of outings.

The continuity of care with people Cyril can rely on,  his warden, social worker and Twelve Trees Home Care have helped to give Cyril a much happier life.

Long may this continue.

Twelve Trees Homecare gets a new blog

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Home Care services in Sheffield

Home Care Sheffield

Twelve Trees Home Care Sheffield Launch Their New Blog.

Designed to keep you all updated as to the activities at Twelve Trees HomeCare, as of today we will be posting all our latest news and features right here!!!

Please interact and tell us what you think, one of our key aims for 2012 is to be as interactive as possible, and we don’t just mean in person.  If you have any feedback you wish to share or indeed great local stories or photographs – we want to hear from you!!!

Please check back soon for more of our latest news.